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Crispy The Christmas Clown

Nose of beacon and whipsnade-like, Crispy the Christmas Clown was afire and aglow as he crimped his way through the snow towards the boundless festivities of the Hollyhocks and Boon, newly late licenced and twenty-four hour zoomed. And oh, what … Continue reading

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A Shower of Winter

Outside there is snow in the courtyard. The scene is banal, overwhelmingly so. But still, still – there is an element of that summer winter magic. Marie, Marie, you hold on tight. You hold on tight you hear? They took … Continue reading

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The City Step

The last time I was in the city I was a baritone nervosa with a speech impediment and a visible limp – courtesy of my left leg being a good centimetre shorter than my right leg. That time, the last … Continue reading

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No Cure For Nature

I was dreaming in a strange land. I was west of the fields and cutting paths through to the bigger fields somewhere up top. Farmers, on four pounds an hour, doffed their caps as they spilt their last few drops … Continue reading

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Turn Off The Machines

The lunar-tick, who had so far suffered bravely the slings and arrows of poisonous spite and vitriolic slander, took his base metallic contraptions (or contrapunctions as he so sagely called them) and fed them into the crunching, gaping hole-mouths of … Continue reading

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