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As Full of Life as Soda Pop

Through darkling woods, all spider-ridden and tokey, the trees bend backwards and spread. Old Goldilocks, porridge-thighed and grey-tressed, makes her way along the shingle path, peppered, as it is, with sweets and breadcrumbs, edible shells and witchcrafted goodies. Tight in … Continue reading

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Eat The Knowledge That Grew In Clay

He became, first after filth, a tiny wallow in the miseries and splendours of this so far sad century. He believed, moreover, that this wallow somehow guaranteed him a place inside a rich, full life. He was, as he often … Continue reading

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Our Sea-Washed Sunset Gates Shall Stand

What we have here, taken plainly, is the old dream of America. Although, if we take taken plainly as some sort of cue, we may also contrive to assure Old Europe of its dream motif status. Meaning, of course, that … Continue reading

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Of Air Like A Crystal

The retired locksmith, contriving to meet strangers, speaks to the dead and relays their cryptic messages to the witless, the credulous and the recently bereaved. His violent childhood or, rather, his holiday in Norfolk, is disrupted by the arrival of … Continue reading

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Sugar In The Morning

A black bin bag catches the rain. The tweeters fall from the roof. The grass recedes like the desert doesn’t. The water, though clear, is poison. I had an opportunity to soak. I tasted seafood for the first time. In … Continue reading

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